The Radiance of the Seas

Vancouver to Alaska (& Return)

Vancouver Reunion Dinner (September 2023-09-21)

Details to follow

2023-09-22 (Afternoon) Set sail from Vancouver

2023-09-22/29 Cruising to Alaska & Area

Balloon Observance

2023-03-29 (Morning) Disembark in Vancouver

A full ship tour of the "Radiance of the Seas" and can be found on this "full ship tour" Harr Travel.

Date(s) Confirmed:   September 20, 2023 through 2023-03-29

          Cut-Off Date for Reservations:  TBD   

Name of Group:  RCMP  Training, Troop #23 (68/69)                    Contact Person:   Calvin Quong (Phone #.......)

Method of Reservation: Individual To Reserve Room                 Travel Agent to Handle Requests:  Info to follow.

RATE s:    Dependent on personal preferences

Reservations Guaranteed by: Individual Guests

BILLING INSTRUCTIONS:             Room, Tax & Incidentals:     Individual  Responsibility